Business Review: Media Investment about the Future of outdoor advertising

Trends in Romanian OOH market: Digital screens and real-time trading


An increase in the number of digital screens and real-time trading, new developments in hyper-targeting, and a growing beacon adoption focused on analytics – out-of-home advertising (OOH) will be a core part of social and mobile strategies and will start being recognized as a direct response medium. These are the main trends across the OOH advertising industry in 2016, industry players told BR.


Digital and programmatic take control


Several major industry specialists agree that the main international trends are around digital OOH media. “More and more of the OOH trades will go programmatic, following the development of more advanced markets where programmatic OOH is already a norm. Moreover, it’s very likely that the virtual and hologram revolution which began this year, fueled by large international technology players like Google, Facebook and other mobile technology firms, will be the beginning of a significant new trend in OOH reality, overlapping with a virtual reality experience,” predicted Balotescu.


Moreover, he says that the advantage that digital OOH has over traditional OOH is that one can better control the programmatic process, granting more flexibility in everything, from planning to the display of ads at a specific moment, in a desired context, to a desired audience.


The future is digital


“The advertising industry will be totally changed in the near future. Technology will make the difference in all media, including OOH. For example, Virtual Reality glasses can be an individual OOH support with direct targeting of consumers. Even though the old paper billboards are not all monitored today, in the future, OOH companies will measure very accurately all the new programmatic trade holograms overlapped with surrounding reality,” predicted Balotescu.


So, where does creativity fit in amongst all these techniques? Industry operators believe that new technologies are the best incubator for creativity, making the sky the limit of where a good advertising campaign can go.


Therefore, as for every media outlet or campaign, players say the quality of the ads plays a critical role. Along with creativity itself, the measurement of the results of a campaign is very important, with immediate impact for the creative strategy. “Only by looking at actual KPIs (key performance indicators) can you judge how effective the creative process is for a particular medium and target audience. In digital programmatic OOH, you can also modify the creative aspect, in real time, to deliver the next right message to the consumer. Story-telling planning has a specific timing, in relation to other messages and interactions. And of course, even the creative design can to some extent be automated to generate messages based on consumers’ interactions and previous message sequences, the weather, context etc.,” concluded the Media Investment representative.


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