Business Review: Media Investment about This year’s digital trends

Media Investment: This year’s digital trends are the development of video, native, chats and mobile


In the ever changing media environment, with the rise of digital and programmatic, Business Review met with Dan Balotescu ,managing partner at Media Investment to find out more about the new media trends, the complexity of the market and what will happen in the near future.


He tells BR in an interview about the plans of the agency, but also about the way in which Google and Facebook are changing the budget structure of local clients for campaigns.



“The main trend is the further fragmentation of the media consumption behavior and the fast diversification of media solutions available. For example, the main trends in digital this year relate to the development of video, native, chats and mobile.  The two giants – Facebook and Google are continuously innovating and offering new products, that change and refresh almost every month the solutions that can be used in digital and cross-media executions. We can mention here 360 video formats, live streaming, promoted posts on Facebook and Facebook Messenger Chatbots for brands.


These trends determine an increasing complexity in the media plans overall, in the way we do cross-media analysis and optimization and how the digital planning is managed within the mix, but through our proprietary media tools we have agile control of the metrics and real-time decision making capabilities.


As an independent agency, we have the advantage to be flexible in using all the tools and technologies available in the more advanced markets. We’ve made huge investments over the past two-three years in a puzzle of technologies which include the development of proprietary, custom management solutions of all these tools and latest technologies, combined with the media knowledge acquired over the years. Our programmatic structure today has full market capabilities.


The biggest challenge is to ensure a quick and constant transfer of knowledge with our wide network of partners. While everybody is very open to learn and to adapt, the changes happen so fast that quicker reactions are often needed to ensure continued, mutual development.


In my opinion, the key point in our business and in all business in general is to understand and genuinely invest into building the business together with your clients and partners.  If you cannot help your clients to increase their business and if you cannot help media owners to better provide solutions for your media campaigns, you cannot grow your own business”.


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