Mariana Mihai – Media Manager

Four years ago, I felt that the internship program will be a unique opportunity to profit.

It was to be the decision that will give me the answer of the following question: “What should you be when you grow up?”

From the first day, I wanted to learn more about what media is.

I was aware that it means a huge volume of information, in a too short a time.

I was trying to find a course and a sense of things in order to understand what exactly “doing media” means. I felt like I finally know what I like to do.


Today, I can say that I’m a digital media specialist and this dynamic environment shows me that there’s still a lot to discover.

Today, I’m more responsible for everything I realize and for all my decisions. In addition, it proved that when you get passion in what you do, you can get only successes.

After 4 years of working here I learned that through passion, involvement and responsibility we can have a successful career.

Have the courage to try! You’ll see how much media can contribute to your training, both professionally and personally.