HBO Game of Thrones – Season IV (2014)

The Challenge:

create buzz around the new season, steering fans’ curiosity while trying to recruit new “throners”.

The Insight:

Loyal viewers disconnect from the series’ storyline and the new potential viewers are reluctant to start watching a new show from the middle of it.

The Solution:

an integrated campaign using OOH, cinema & digital. While OOH creative targeted loyal fans, in digital we applied a content seeding tactic, promoting the trailer through rich media ads, as well as branded content.

The branded content component is an editorial project hosted on, one of the most popular and documented Science & Tech platforms. We took advantage of an already existing interest of the Descopera readers’ community for editorial marathons. We developed content related to “Game of Thrones” and we presented it in an interactive way.

Each day, the users could read an article containing different topics present in the TV series, written in Descopera’s specific editorial style. In total, 20 articles were developed around subjects that were connecting historic facts with fictional elements from the books (e.g. Hadrian’s Wall from Great Britain – The Westeros Wall, Scotland “Black Dinner” – The Red Wedding, Sidhe Irish Mythology population – White Walkers.)

The project has also cobranded exposure on one of the largest publishing network – Mediafax and surpassed the estimated results in terms of views and engagement rate.

The Results:

+336% Google search queries related to Game of Thrones & Urzeaza Tronurilor; 80% conversion rate from visitors to readers; +25%  page views/visit more than site’s average