IKEA Catalogue Launch (2015)

The Challenge:

Make the IKEA catalogue the hero and the talk of the town, so people will wait for it.

Generate more traffic in IKEA store.

The Insight:

The consumers like the idea of having personalized materials.

The solution

Recreate the Catalogue cover and invite people to interact with the set-up and make photos.

The consumers had the possibility to made a personalized catalog extra cover (with their picture). The consumer was invited at the store to pick-up his personalized catalogue extra cover. Proud owners of an IKEA catalogue with themselves on the cover will pick it up more often, show it to other people, and get more IKEA inspiration for their own home.

Location: Baneasa Shopping Mall (near the IKEA store)

The Results:

Reach: 500.000 persons, 2500 pictures taken

We’ve generated reactions (earned media):

  • buzz on social networks and You Tube (commented, posts)
  • journalist’s stories
  • Our brand story travelled across communication platforms (from OOH to online and print)