RED BULL Soapbox Campaign (2014)

The Challenge:

Recruit participants and include the event in users’ leisure agenda.

The Insight:

KOL are highly relevant for recruiting participants.

The Solution:

Having in mind two clear objectives, conversions – phase 1 and reach – phase 2, we developed an integrated media campaign combining high reach media like TV & OOH with Digital as engagement generator.

The digital mix combined high reach platforms (Yahoo, YouTube, WeTransfer, Facebook) with engagement environments (“Nimic Nou” Vlog,

By amplifying an already popular trend – Vlogging, we identified “Nimic Nou” as influencer for Red Bull target, integrating the brand message in the current digital consumption, using as main tactic branded content.

For the first phase of the campaign “Nimic Nou” encouraged their fans to enter the competition in a funny way, inviting them to “relive their childhood, putt their lives in suspense and make history”.

In the second phase, “Nimic Nou” actively involved their fans into competition. We organized a dedicated challenge in order to involve the audience to built from scratch a vehicle together with “Nimic Nou” team. This activation generated 50% of all campaign submissions in just 1 week.

The Results:

Over 70 teams in the race. Branded content generates 50% of all campaign submissions in just 1 week. 40% of the total urban internet users were exposed to the campaign. +20,000 event attendants. Google Search related to Red Bull increase with 350%.