Peugeot 308 Campaign (2014)


Peugeot 308 was voted European Car of Year 2014, creating the perfect context for the Romanian launch.

The Challenge:

Generate awareness for the launch of the new Peugeot 308 while emphasizing the European Car of Year 2014 award

The Insight:

Before a new car model launch users usually expect to appear online spoilers unveiling details of the car

The Solution:

An integrated campaign, combining reach builder mediums like TV & Radio with online, characterized by a high engagement level. Each medium had an unconventional component which highlighted features of the new model.

Dynamic by definition, the digital medium was chosen to implement a teasing and revealing strategy. Having in mind the unconventional element, we went forward a display campaign, focusing on branded content development and engagement generation.

We selected to host a microsite, in this way ensuring a significant volume of organic reach, as well as competition subscribers. We launched a challenge in order to generate a group debate about a new car model, without revealing it, in exchange giving the luckiest user a 3 days test drive.

Based on their strong insights, we developed 10 short movies that emphasized features of the car (lights, driving wheel, speakers etc.), as clues for competitors.

The mechanic of the campaign encouraged users to return to the microsite in order to accumulate clues, while Peugeot accumulated visits and returning visitors. The audience could search in Peugeot website all the models, in order to find the newest one.

The Results:

During the campaign, Google Search related to Peugeot 308 doubled from the previous period. 14% conversion rate from visitor to subscribers